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Access Control

Your place of business should not be accessible to all. It is common sense that you have certain areas that you do not want non-employees entering and there maybe areas where you want to restrict you staff’s access as well. For companies that are selling or using high value products and materials, have areas where work is going on that has heightened safety requirements or that just have areas where they want to limit overall access, steps need to be taken to secure these areas. For some a simple lock and key with limited copies of the keys in circulation is enough. For others, more intensive steps may be required to prevent unauthorized access or situations where customer or staff may be in danger.

Electronic access controls have been in wide-spread use for over 20 years and across a large cross-section of our world. Businesses, schools and government offices at all levels have security needs that require limited, authorized access. As the needs have grown and the older technology is compromised by motivated individuals with heightened technology skills, newer technology has come to the forefront. Additionally, the newer technologies offer businesses a greater ease-of-use in administering who has access to where.

Many of the existing access control systems rely on the use of number pads to enter codes, electronic swipe cards and sometimes a combination of the two. More advanced systems use biometric triggers such as fingerprints and even retina-scanners. All of these systems use computer controlled management systems that allow the business owner to quickly cancel the access to an area or the business as a whole to employees who are being dismissed or who have left on their own. These same systems are used to prevent visitors to your place of business or customers from getting access to areas that are off-limits.

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