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Card or Key-Fob Access

We have all seen them and some of us have used them at one time or another. Electronic entry systems for buildings where the swipe of an electronic card or key-fob automatically allows entry into a building or office. Some people have gotten so good at using these systems they have the motion down to a fluid swipe that becomes second nature. Employees enjoy the ease of use of these systems and employers love the control these systems provide in terms of securing their building or office. The one question most people have is how these systems work.

It is really quite simple and while most people are savvy enough to know it is a computerized system, the functionality of the system is a bit mysterious. The key card or key fob that is the device provided to employees and building tenants contains a programmable chip. Each card or fob is assigned an electronic signature and code that identify the person using the key and providing them access to the building and often to certain areas within the building. While this aspect of the technology is elegant, the level of control afforded the building or business owners is the where the real beauty lies.

Let us say that you are a business owner and you just had to fire an employee. He or she leaves quickly and does not return the key card or key fob. No need to worry as the card can be easily identified within the systems and its access code disabled, usually within a few seconds. Unlike a traditional key that can be copied, the electronic code on the card or fob may be attained but as it can be rendered useless with a few keystrokes on a computer, the code is useless. Another benefit that these electronic key cards and fobs offer is to track the movements of employees throughout a large facility. Each time the card is swiped to enter a door or area an electronic record can be generated and saved. This functionality will allow you to determine if an employee is spending time in areas they need not be in to do their job. The jump in productivity can be appreciable over time.

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