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Closed Circuit TV

Whether you are trying to protect your place of business or your home and the property it sits on, you sometimes need to not only ensure that all entry points are secure but also see who exactly is trying to enter and when. The term ‘having eyes in the back of your head’ does not begin to cover what you need to provide you peace of mind. You need eyes everywhere and what is more, you need eyes that will not only watch but also record what is going on. You need Closed Circuit TV or CCTV.

When most people think of CCTV they think of the ubiquitous white cameras mounted around the perimeter of a building or property and the black domes on the ceiling inside of a building. Another image that is conjured up is that of a uniformed security guard sitting in a dark room in front of a wall of monitors. While in some larger installations the latter can be true, in our age where technology is often racing far ahead of our needs there are better ways to have eyes everywhere.

Modern CCTV systems can often consist of wireless mini cameras that can only be spotted if someone is really examining the walls and ceilings of a home or business. Cameras can be disguised as light fixtures, fire and smoke alarms and other objects that one would expect to find. Other cameras can be no bigger than a tube of lipstick and can be placed where no one will see them but where they will see all.

Another shift in the use of CCTV systems is how they are monitored. Where the dark room with the wall of monitors was once the norm, advanced computer based monitoring systems are used to store all of the video captured. Additionally, many systems allow remote monitoring over the internet using PCs, tablets and even smartphones. The clarity and level of detail that these newer cameras provide over their predecessors is equally impressive. The best part is that many CCTV systems are so affordable that they are becoming common place in both the office and the home.

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