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Commercial Doors

If you are a business owner with a brick and mortar location that clients may visit or where you keep valuable items related to your business, you have the dual needs of security and aesthetically pleasing doors. For the entrances to the building’s corporate offices and for the doorways within, you want doors that give your office that polished, professional look that impresses clients and tells them you are a serious company. For entrances that are more utilitarian, that lead to storage and work areas and for the doors that access these areas internally, look is often less important than having doors that deter or prevent unauthorized access. We can help in both respects.

Top Lock has been providing business owners like you with commercial-quality doors for over 30 years. Whether your need is leans more toward the eye-pleasing or toward superior peace of mind, we can help. We offer a wide selection of doors based on your needs and wants and can special order doors if you have ones in mind and they are not in our stock. Along with providing the doors we offer full installation of the door and door frame as well as providing the hardware in terms of door knobs and locks of varying security level. We can also provide you with a system of locks that work off of a single key for convenience and ease of use.

Additionally, if you are looking to have any special hardware such as panic exit hardware or electronic access control (which we also offer to our clients) we can provide you the full package so that whether you have one door or multiple doors installed we can do the work from beginning to end. Call us now or fill out and submit our contact form and we will be in touch to discuss your needs and set up a visit to consult and provide you with a quote.