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Commercial High Security Locks

How confident that the locks on the exterior and interior doors of your business are the best you can have? Even if you limit who has keys to a lock, most common locks can be overcome by a resourceful and motivated thief using anything from a lock pick set (while they are illegal to own, criminals generally do not care about the law or they wouldn’t be criminals) or even a drill. Even some of the smaller, wireless drilling tools that do not seem like much can be used to great effect on a standard lock. If these last few lines have the wheels in your brain spinning, allow us to help you but on the brakes.

Business owners who use high-value materials in their work such as precious metals or who sell high-value products like electronics, jewelry and automobiles need the peace of mind that their investments are safe. For those who cannot afford the cost of an electronic access systems, a desirable alternative is the installation of high-security locks on both exterior and interior doors throughout their place of business.

High-security locks that are resistant to both lock picks and drills (and even someone just bashing them with a hammer) are available and are highly recommended for businesses who are looking to secure their building and specific areas within the building. These high-security locks are constructed of hardened steel inserts and pins, built specifically to resist drills and lock picking efforts. Some high-security locks are also designed to prevent unauthorized key duplication efforts. When combined with high-security deadbolts and other security efforts, these high-security locks can provide businesses with the highest level of security against the threat of theft of the possibility of pre-meditated attempts at unauthorized access.

High-security lock systems are not just for commercial entities as schools and municipal buildings often require the high level of protection afforded by these locks. For over 30 years we have worked with commercial entities, schools and municipal offices to provide the very best in security measures such as these high-security lock systems. Let us help you do the same.