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Commercial Intercom Systems

Every day new technology is being introduced to help us communicate with each other. In the commercial sector, communication is key in getting the job done each day. While cell phones and smart phones make it very easy to stay connected with your employees when they are offsite, onsite communication need not be so technologically advanced. When you have a large building or commercial property and you are looking for a secure and simple way to communicate throughout, commercial intercom systems are the way to go.

Commercial intercom systems, when not run through the office phone system, offer distinct advantages over the higher tech alternatives. Easy to install and distribute throughout a building or facility, they provide a quick and easy way to announce that you need to speak to a person who may be away from their desk or office and may not have brought their cell phone with them. Because most intercom systems include loud speaker components, paging someone or letting them know that their attention or presence is needed can be easily broadcast throughout the building or facility. Additionally, you can avoid the annoyance of leaving an e-mail and waiting for the person to return to their office or retrieve their cell phone and check their voice-mail.

Another benefit of a non-phone intercom system is that the vital organ for communicating with people outside your organization, your telephone network, will not have its resources strained. By using an intercom system rather than cell phones you avoid the problem of dead zones in your company where reception and connectivity might be challenged by the way your building is constructed or by other electronic transmissions that may disrupt a cell phone network connection.