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Ignition Repair

You are in a rush, you have a meeting and as you put the key in the ignition the key snaps leaving a piece of the key in the lock. Or maybe you get the key in and you turn it and the ignition jams. Worse still, you enter your car to discover that someone attempted to steal it and in their haste they damaged the ignition. Whichever it maybe, the reality is that you are not going anywhere. If you are at home or at work you have a small level of security in that you are near a safe location while you wait for assistance. But when you are away from home and it is at a late hour or in bad weather, your stress levels will rise and your heart will pound as you wonder what to do. The answer is simple, call Top Lock.

For over 30 years Top Lock has been helping regular people in all walks of life get back on the road quickly. We will come to you where you are throughout the Long Island region and repair or replace your damaged ignition. We know that your car is your primary mode of transportation and the variety of places it helps you to get to and the errands it helps you run are numerous. It should be nice to know that you have a company with a dedicated and knowledgeable staff who will come to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year including holiday to help you out of your jam.

Top Lock engineers in working on the ignitions of all types of cars. In addition to making repairs onsite, we can also create replacement keys so that you have the confidence that your new or repaired ignition will provide the necessary reliability you require. So, if you are away from home and the key breaks in the ignition or if your ignition is damaged for some other reason, Top Lock should be your first call.