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Residential Entry Doors

A door is about the most utilitarian of creations, serving the purpose of separating one room from another or the inside from the outside while providing a simple portal to pass from one to the other. For homeowners, the utilitarian still needs to serve the dual purpose of security and decoration so that your home does not look like a commercial space. Your local home centers offer a variety of doors, both interior and exterior, as well as the necessary hardware to complete the installation. The installation of all can be a very involved process that if not done properly can lead to future issues that will require more expense to fix. Top Lock can help you get the job done right the first time.

With over 30 years of experience serving the Nassau and Suffolk residential communities, we are experts in not only helping our clients choose the best doors and hardware for their needs but also in installing the doors properly. We can also help you to understand what hardware, whether it be locks, door knobs and hinges will provide you the highest quality and best results. During our consultation we will review your home, understanding what you have and what you want. We will recommend the doors and hardware that work best and once they are chosen we will proceed with the installation.

Regardless of if you are simply looking to hang new doors or completely replace the door frame as well, it is a project that even the most talented DIYer’s have difficulty with. Top Lock can get the job done quickly and correctly and when we are done it will be as if we were never there. And we don’t mind if you want to tell your friends you installed the doors yourself. We will keep it between us!