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Telephone Access Systems

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability for someone to call you from outside of your building or office on a phone and then you use the phone to electronically and remotely unlock the door to provide them access. With a telephone access system you can do just that and your employees who are responsible for monitoring the comings and goings of visitors will thank you.

Telephone access systems have been around for a while but with the advances in technology, they have become far more affordable and easier to implement. The basic operating premise is simple. Someone seeking access to a building or facility or a specific area of a facility or building uses a phone to contact the person or persons responsible for controlling access. This could be a security guard, a receptionist or even just an employee. The phone is wired into the electronic locking systems that controls entry through a specific door. Once the person seeking entry is cleared to enter, a specific button on the phone may be pressed to disengage the locking mechanism to allow the person in.

While telephone access systems can be used in any situation or environment, they are very popular when the person granting access cannot see the person seeking access. This is true of high security or hazardous areas where there are no windows or portals through the door for the person seeking entry to be seen. They are also popular in facilities where there is no-one in the vicinity of the door and access can be managed and monitored remotely. Often, telephone access systems are combined with CCTV systems to create a complete solution that affords the highest levels of security and identification prior to granting access.

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