3 Tips to Help Prevent Locking Keys In Your Car

Virtually everyone has done it at one time or another, most likely at the most inopportune of moments no less, but that doesn’t make locking your keys in your car any less frustrating or embarrassing.

Many car locking systems are designed with keypad entry, which has reduced the prevalence of this phenomenon in recent times, but there are still many people living without this luxury. If you’re one such person who seems to have a bad habit of locking your keys in your car, here are a couple tips to help you avoid doing so in the future.

1. Always Use It to Lock: Some cars now have automatic locks that are implemented after a certain period, which inevitably leads to locked keys inside. Even if your car doesn’t do this, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of using your actual lock and key on your doors when you exit.

Another common mistake people make is using the automatic lock button inside the car as they step out of the vehicle because it’s easy and ensures all of the doors are secure. Unfortunately, doing this opens the possibility for you to forget your keys in your car, say in the ignition or cup holder. You’ll never lock yourself out of your car if you’re using your key to lock it.

2. Keep It On a Lanyard: It sounds silly, but by keeping your keys on a lanyard or some other bulky key chain is a great way to always remember them. You’re much more likely to notice that you’re not carrying a long, heavy lanyard as opposed to a single key. Plus, the average person misplaces keys up to nine items a day, and some of the most common are, of course, car keys. In fact, 26% of drivers have misplaced their car keys, and 20% have had them stolen, according to a 2013 survey. These things make it easier to keep track of, hold onto, and find in the event of some misfortune.

3. Keep a Spare Handy: The ultimate fail-safe. If you know yourself to be habitually forgetful, it might be worth it to keep a spare key in your purse, handbag, or even hide-away magnetic device that can be tucked underneath a wheel well or bumper.

If these tips still aren’t good enough to solve your woes of locking your keys in your car, remember our professional locksmiths at Top Lock Locksmiths and Security are just a phone call away and are always here to assist with exceptional abilities and incredible customer service.

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