A NYC Locksmith Explains The Difference Between A Telephone Entry System And An Intercom

When you know the difference between a telephone entry system and an intercom system, making the decision on the system to install becomes easier. According to an NYC locksmith, there are differences between a telephone entry system and an intercom system that you should know and consider carefully.

Telephone Entry System

A telephone entry system is designed in a way that makes receiving “calls” from a front door or another door outside the building possible. On arriving at your door, a person presses a button to request entry. This action alerts one or several stations inside the building. The person in the building can talk to the person at the door by simply pressing a button at an inside station.
Video telephone entry systems enable the persons inside a building to actually see the person that requests entry at the door. Thus, video telephone entry provides more security to a property.

Intercom System

An intercom system is a talkback, stand-alone voice communication system that is installed in a building or a collection of small buildings. An intercom system allows for a two-way communication using an electronic device that has circuitry for receiving and transmitting audio and in some cases, video transmissions.
Essentially, this system enables individuals in a different area or room to hear the voice of a person that speaks on a microphone elsewhere. Intercom systems are currently used in offices, hospitals, and schools among other establishments.

How Telephone Entry System Differs from an Intercom System

The major difference between a telephone entry system and an intercom system is the fact that a telephone entry system can have a video feature. However, you can also install CCTV alongside an intercom system. That means apart from voice capability, your intercom system can also allow video transmissions.
Nevertheless, though you will come across the terms telephone entry system and intercom system, both are used interchangeably. It’s however important to decide whether you need a wireless or wired system. Also decide whether to purchase an audio only or a video intercom system.
Installation of a wired system comes with prohibitive costs. Unless you opt to install a wire yourself, you will have to hire an electrician to do the job. For a building that is still under construction, it is wise to install a wired system even if you don’t intend to use it. That’s because you will save money in case you decide to install the system in the future.

Making the Decision

Whether to go for a telephone entry system or an intercom system is basically dependent on the features and security level that you are looking for. For instance, a video telephone entry system is ideal for you if you want to be opening your doors remotely while seeing the person at the door. If you just want the convenience of talking to someone at the door, an intercom system is ideal for you.
Nevertheless, both telephone entry system and intercom system allow for effortless management of traffic flow in and around a property. They also come with different styles, features, and designs. Either one can be installed by an NYC Locksmith.

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