Apparently, Burglars Make Mistakes Too

It hasn’t exactly been a good year for burglars. Some have made it embarrassingly easy for homeowners to recover their property and press charges. Here are just a few examples:

  • An Alaskan man may face charges after distinctive shoe tracks from plastic crocs linked the 22 year old to several downtown thefts in Fairbanks, Alaska. The thief, Roland Huntington Grace, even wore his crocs while questioned by the police. He was apprehended on April 14.
  • A Seattle burglar had no other choice but to turn himself in when, in the process of stealing from apartments in downtown, he got stuck in an air duct. The unnamed suspect stole several $1 bills and $22.65 worth of change from the apartment building’s washing machines and vending machines. The unnamed suspect attempted to squeeze through the building’s air ducts to escape after residents called the police, and got stuck. The police called the fire department, who freed the man from the ventilation system in about 20 minutes. According to the Huffington Post, the suspect “will be booked on felony burglary and drug possession charges.”
  • After stealing from a home in Cobb County, Georgia, Braxton Marcus Johnson realized he had forgotten his cellphone. Johnson apparently showed back up at the door to politely ask the homeowner’s mother (the only one there at the time) for his cellphone back. Johnson ran when he realized she had called the police.

While these anecdotes may be amusing, they are rarely the norm. Burglaries are often far more serious — with up to 59% of the 1.9 million household break-ins in 2013 resulting from some kind of forced entry. Perhaps even more alarmingly, most burglaries (63%) occur during the day — usually while the homeowners are at work.

What does this mean? It is imperative for homes to have best possible security — and, believe it or not, that starts with locks and locksmiths. Local locksmith services, including 24 hour locksmith services and professional locksmiths, can inspect your home’s locks — and tell you how easy it is to break in. If you home is particularly vulnerable, they can also fit doors with sturdy and reliable locking systems, like deadbolts.

When it comes to burglaries, very few of them end up being a laugh, but locks and locksmiths can make all of the difference and prevent thefts in your home.

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