Door Buzzer Systems

For over 30 years Top Lock Locksmiths and Security, has been installing buzzer systems for business and other professional or non-residential locations throughout the Long Island region.

For some businesses, the level of security needs to be high to not only protect patrons and employees but also access to the building as a whole as well as separate areas.

In some facilities, getting to the door to open for someone is not convenient and in other cases you want to provide a level of security that does not requires someone physically opening the door. For this purpose, one of the best and most common solutions is a buzzer system.

We have seen them in movies and on TV’s and some of us may have even experienced them. You knock on a door or push a button on an intercom system. You are asked to identify yourself and when the person on the other side of the door is satisfied, they press a button that caused a loud buzz to sound and the door lock to disengage.

While the buzz is sounding and the door lock is open, you may enter. The moment the buzz stops the lock re-engages and the process would have to start over again.

If this sounds like a system that you would like in your business, you are in the right place. For over 30 years Top Lock has been installing buzzer systems for business and other professional or non-residential locations throughout the Long Island region.

Among the installations we have created are ones for government offices, medical facilities, schools and businesses who use or manufacture expensive or dangerous materials and products. Beyond adding an extra layer of security, buzzer systems also offer a level of convenience as well.

If the entry to a building or room is far removed from where someone may be working, the buzzer system allows them to provide access without walking across a wide expanse or into another room.

Regarding the level of safety, another consideration when thinking about a buzzer system is if your location would be a target for push in robberies where the person or persons seeking entry might have weapons. By allowing yourself and your staff the ability, in conjunction with an intercom and/or CCTV system, to restrict entry without putting anyone in danger provides great peace of mind as well as security.

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