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A malfunctioned or broken lock is a safety hazard. It leaves your property exposed to a break in. Similarly, a poorly functioning car door locking system exposes your vehicle to theft. Additionally, if you don’t have a spare key, you are bound to suffer a serious inconvenience if you break or lose the only key that you have.That’s why you shouldn’t postpone your locksmith Floral Park appointment.

Top Lock Locksmiths and Security provides a superior locksmith service in Floral Park, NY. We understand how important the security of your home, business, or vehicle is. As such, we offer the most efficient locksmith service whenever you schedule an appointment with us.

Top Lock Locksmiths and Security specializes in the provision of a wide range of locksmith solutions to residential and commercial property owners as well as vehicle owners. Once you schedule an appointment with us, our technicians will assess your property or vehicle carefully. They will also consider your suggestion before making recommendations.

Our goal is to provide services that suit your budget and specific needs. No matter how complex the needs of your locking and security system seem, we will help you. We have been offering our locksmith services in Floral Park, NY for years. Count on us to meet your locksmith needs or surpass them in a spectacular way.

The Leading Residential Locksmith Services

Top Lock Locksmiths and Security provides the leading residential Floral Park locksmith services. Lever sets and door knobs offer limited security to your home. In most cases, these can be defeated by burglars using a credit card. To enhance security in your home, hire our residential locksmith service in Floral Park, NY. Our technicians can install deadbolt locks to boost security in your residential property. These bolts protrude inside the door frames and they are not possible to retract forcibly. When you add deadbolts in your locking system, you boost security and possibly lower homeowners insurance. What’s more, deadbolts serve as a deterrent for the bad guys.

Basically, deadbolts installation is just one of the residential locksmith services that Top Lock Locksmiths and Security offers in Floral Park, NY.

Other residential locksmith services that we offer in this region include:

  • Rekeying- When you don’t want to buy new locks after losing keys or when you feel that your current locks have been compromised, hire our rekeying service. We will make a new set of keys while disabling your current keys.
  • Mailbox rekeys- We can duplicate mailbox keys to help you avoid inconveniences if you lose or misplace your mailbox key.
  • Lockout- If you lock yourself out of your home, give us a call and we will help you regain entry into your home.

Our local Floral Park locksmith team is always ready to help. Just call us and our technicians will be there with you fixing the problem within minutes.

Commercial Locksmith Services in Floral Park

We provide a wide range of locksmith solutions to commercial establishments. We understand that it is highly important that you keep your commercial establishment safe. Our team of highly skilled and experienced locksmiths in Floral Park guarantees you the best commercial locksmith services. Our technicians undergo ongoing training to stay updated on the latest developments in the commercial locksmith industry. Rest assured that our team will offer you an unparalleled service.

Some of the commercial locksmith services that we offer in Floral Park NY include:

  • Master key system- We create a master key system that allows you access to all doors in your building.
  • Keyless access- We install keyless systems in commercial establishments to eliminate the need to carry a bunch of keys all the time.
  • High security locks- We install high security locks in commercial buildings. These are resistant to picking or other methods that are used to bypass locks.
  • Desk and file keys- Locking file cabinets and desks is very important when it comes to protecting confidential information. We can install locks that enhance security in desks and file cabinets in your commercial building.
  • Safe installation and servicing- We can install safes in your commercial property or service your existing safes.

Many businesses in Floral Park, NY have hired our commercial locksmith services and given us a five star rating. Rest assured that your commercial locks will be in safe hands once you engage our commercial locksmith services.

Automotive Locksmith Floral Park NY Services

Our Floral Park automotive locksmiths are always looking for ways to provide better auto locksmiths to vehicle owners.We have also invested in modern technologies and equipment to provide superior auto locksmith services using the latest technologies and methods.

Count on us to offer you the best help with:

  • Ignition lock- When you lose or break a key in the ignition of your vehicle, we will help you. We can retrieve the broken piece from the ignition and make a new car key for you.
  • Car key duplication- We carry blanks for different vehicles and we can duplicate key for any vehicle.
  • Transponder chip- We program transponder keys to the computer of your car. We do this efficiently using our modern equipment.
  • Car trunk opening- There is a method of opening the trunk of every car. Nevertheless, we can discuss alternative methods.
  • Extraction of broken keys- If you break a key in the door lock of your vehicle, we can extract the broken piece and make a new key for you.

24 Hour Locksmith Floral Park Services

We believe that you should not be stranded for hours or exposed to risks just because you can’t get help of a locksmith on time. What’s more, a situation that needs help of a locksmith can arise anytime. As such, we offer 24/7 locksmith services in Floral Park, NY.That means you can reach out to us anytime you need a locksmith in Floral Park and we will help you. Whether you need a residential locksmith, commercial locksmith, automotive locksmith, or emergency locksmith in Floral Park, just give us a call and we will come to your aid immediately.

Call Top Lock Locksmiths and Security now to hire a professional locksmith in Floral Park NY!

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We’ve been serving your neighborhood for more than 20 years with our local 24 hour locksmith services!


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