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Originate Replacement Keys

We are able to originate replacement keys for almost every motorcycle on the road today.

Losing or breaking a key is never a pleasant experience. When it happens at home it is bad, when it happens away from home it is worse. And when the vehicle in question is a motorcycle, the level of stress and anxiety is massive. Motorcycle owners are passionate about their rides and when something goes wrong they want it dealt with right the first time.

As proud providers of key and lock service to both car and motorcycle drivers for over 30 years, Top Lock understands that soon is not soon enough.

We are able to originate replacement keys for almost every motorcycle on the road today. Additionally, we are also experts in extracting broken keys from ignitions as well as ensuring that the ignition is still in complete working order.

As a lost or stolen key can happen anywhere, out technicians can come to you wherever you are on Long Island, most times in 60 minutes or less. Once on site we will assess the situation and get to work getting you back on the road again. We offer onsite emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year including holidays.

We know that you love the freedom that your bike represents and having that freedom delayed or interrupted is not a good situation for you. We respect that and we will help you to overcome the loss or damage of your motorcycle key quickly and easily.

So before you head out on the highway looking for adventure or just a quick ride to clear the mind and stimulate the senses, make sure our number is saved in your cellphone. Then ride with confidence knowing that Top Lock is only a phone call away when an emergency arises.

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