Car Trunk Lockouts

We are Top Lock and we are experts at helping motorists gain entry to their trunk and the valuables they contain.

When you least expect it or need it to happen, it happens. You have something important in the truck of your car and when you go to open the trunk the key breaks in the lock. Or maybe the key is lost or stolen and your vehicle does not have a trunk release lever. You need to get into your truck and you need to get in fast.

You can call your mechanic but he may not be available or he may be busy. Maybe you will call a relative or friend who has access to a spare key. But you are away from home, somewhere on Long Island, and your relative or friend cannot easily get to you.

To add to the fun, it is late on a weekend night or early morning and perhaps your mechanic and relative or friend are not reachable. Who do you call?

We are Top Lock and we are experts at helping motorists gain entry to their trunk and the valuables they contain. We are experts on most makes and models, especially the high end brands like BMW & Mercedes. We will come to you, regardless of where around Long Island, the time of day or the day of the week.

We will help you to regain entry to your trunk and we can help you to replace any broken or damaged keys and trunk locks.

No one likes to be caught out away from home with something important in the trunk of the car that is now unobtainable. In Top Lock you have a reliable friend who can help you overcome the stress involved and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

It is our promise to provide the best customer service to the Long Island community, continuing the 30 year commitment to be the best Locksmith and security services provider available. So take the important first step now and save our number in your cell. Then when you find yourself locked out of your trunk we are only a few digits away.

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