Volvo Delivers Packages To Consumers’ Cars

Soon, keeping track of your car keys may be even more important. Daytime deliveries — especially ones that require a signature — are not the most convenient. Volvo manufacturers in Sweden are exploring a possible solution to that problem. The company may enable consumers to receive packages in an unconventional way, by means of “a single-use digital key which postal or delivery services can use to locate a vehicle and open it,” according to Discovery News. Consumers would then, in turn, use their regular key to open up their car or truck and retrieve delivered packages.

“The technology was trialed during a pilot program of 100 people, 86% of which agreed that ‘roam delivery’ saved them time,” according to a company spokesperson. As it stands, there is no official release date for a long-standing or permanent in-car delivery program. When it happens, Volvo hopes that it will help elevate their brand to the likes of BMW or Audi (that is, the luxury car market).

Is This The Future Of Delivery?
Will this means of delivering packages become the norm, or is it just a nightmare-in-the-making for auto locksmith services? The answer isn’t entirely clear. It is likely, however, that: 1. Only some packages will be delivered this way, and 2. While the service may inspire calls to local locksmith services if single-use keys malfunction, people are still much more likely to ring up a car key service or professional locksmith because they have misplaced their keys. A 2013 survey revealed that over a quarter of us (26%) have done it, with 20% losing keys at work, 15% misplacing them while shopping, and 13% losing track of car keys while out with friends. Twenty percent have also had their keys stolen.

Could this delivery system mean more work for auto locksmith services? It’s not all that likely. While services may get the odd call from Volvo about spare keys, it is much more likely for drivers to misplace keys or even have them stolen.

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