What To Do When You’re Locked Out Of Your House In Suffolk County

It usually happens in an instant. In most cases, you go out for a while and realize that you have locked yourself out of your house on coming back. Maybe you had gone out to fetch a newspaper or to check the mailbox. But, locking yourself out of your house is generally stressful. It also causes unnecessary inconveniences and worry. Nevertheless, there is no need to panic or cause extensive damage to your property. Instead, do the following if you lock yourself out of your house.

Call a Suffolk County Locksmith for Help

If you have a locked up tight home and there is nobody inside to let you in, get a phone. If you didn’t carry your cell phone, use a neighbor’s phone to call a locksmith. But, if a relative or a housemate has a spare key, call them first. If you’re located in Riverhead, aspare key will save you the trouble of paying a professional locksmith near Riverhead. It might annoy whoever brings you the spare key but it is less expensive and quicker than having a locksmith do the job. Make sure you call a reputable locksmith who will give you an exact price over the phone so you dont get ripped off.

If No Friend or Relative Can Help

It’s always a good idea to have a spare key elsewhere just in case of an emergency. However, if the person that has your spare key is not available or if they are incapable of bringing it to you, take the next move. Check the doors and windows of the house again to ensure that they really can’t provide a way in. Once certain, break into the house. There are several methods that you can use to break into your house.

These include:

  • Older doorknobs- Some older doorknobs are easy to pry open using blunt force. A crowbar or screwdriver may help though this can damage the door or the lock.
  • Credit card trick- If you didn’t leave the wallet inside the house, try lock-picking. However, this methods works on spring bolts only. These are in standard-issue doorknobs only.
  • Remove the doorknob- Simply get a toolbox and remove the doorknob.

Take Preventative Measures

Once you find your way into the house, take appropriate preventative measures. For instance, get a spare key if you don’t have one. Give a relative or a trusted neighbor the key or keep it inside a hide-a-key device. Nevertheless, make sure that it’s properly hidden. That’s because if thieves spot the device or find the key, they will make their way into your house effortlessly.

Alternatively, install a keyless door lock. This is increasingly becoming the best option for many homeowners because you can operate the lock biometrically or with a cell phone.

If you are still locked out of your house, call a reputable locksmith for assistance right away!

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