What You Need To Know About Car Keys

Many believe that we reliably keep our cars under lock and key, but is that truly the case? A Missouri woman and mother, who wishes to be referred to by her first name only, Christine, reveals that she accidentally discovered a big problem with her car keys. Christine’s family owns a Honda Odyssey and a Honda Accord. It turns out that the sets of keys are identical, and able to open both cars. “When I found out I was surprised because the cars were two years apart, bought at two different dealerships,” Christine told Aol.com.

What Are The Chances Of This Happening?
Aol.com continues, “Like most car manufacturers, Honda has 3,500 different combinations, meaning eventually someone is going to end up with the same key as someone else.” Local locksmith services agree that the chances of ending up with the same exact key in a single household are just about astronomical. Even so, it can happen (it happened to Christine!), and the fact remains that some keys — even if the percentage is very low — are perfect copies, down to every last nook, cranny, and groove. The good news is that this isn’t particularly unsafe. Car thieves would have to work tirelessly day and night to find cars with identical locking systems, and, even then, their chances aren’t good.

What You Can Do ?
Sometimes, knowing this isn’t enough. That’s fair, and, up to a point, understandable. After all, there were as many as 1.9 million burglaries and car thefts in 2013, and only 59% of resulted from forced entry (in other words, that means the remaining 41% can be attributed to identical locks or unlocked cars and homes). On top of that, about one in five drivers will have their keys stolen at some point. So what can you do? If you are not feeling confident in your current lock, professional locksmiths recommend upgrading to a higher caliber lock. Higher grade locks have more grooves and variations, and they are much more difficult to replicate or crack.

Do you think your car or truck is under lock and key? Think again. Identical keys can and do happen. The good news is it’s very rare, and it is possible to upgrade to a higher grade lock for extra security.

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