Your Key-Less Entry Car May Be Too Vulnerable

Let’s talk about car keys. More and more manufacturers are releasing new cars with key-less start and key-less entry. It may seem like a perk to make the shift to an electronic fob, but — in actuality — these new mechanisms can be expensive and inefficient. Here are the pros and cons of each:

The Case For Key-Free Entry
The best case for key-less entry may be convenience. It’s a fact of life: drivers and homeowners tend to misplace their keys. Over a quarter (26%) of drivers admit that they have lost their keys, as many as 2 million people locked themselves out of their homes in 2012, and one in five have even had their keys stolen. The solution, of course, would seem to be electronic start fobs and devices. They’re larger and much more difficult to misplace, and you can even leave them in the depths of your purse or briefcase when you start the car. Unfortunately, however, there is a price to pay for this convenience.

Why It May Be Wise To Hold Onto Your Old Keys For Now
While electric devices may be convenient for drivers — and apps that replace house keys may afford even more opportunity (at least for the more absent-minded), there are some limitations and downsides to the technology. Most importantly, they are not perfectly secure. Recently, hackers have been using devices to extend the range of key-less fobs and break into cars. Apps that grant entry into your home can be similarly unreliable. Moreover, if you should misplace a remote, key-less fob and similar locking systems, they can be anywhere from $100 to $200 (sometimes more!) to replace. On the other hand, professional locksmiths and local locksmith services can replace metal keys at a much cheaper rate. There are even 24 hour locksmith services available to help you replace missing keys and/or get into your car at any time of day.

For now, professional locksmiths agree: apps that promise to replace keys and electronic, key-loss fobs aren’t always best. While they may be a bit more difficult to misplace, they are much more likely to be stolen and replacing them is much more expensive.

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